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NSW is a great place to live, work, invest and play.

New South Wales is the greatest state in the nation. We are the engine room of the economy, home to globally recognised cities and regions, and a leader in sustainable development.

In recent years, we have been beset by many headwinds – a global pandemic, a rolling skills and material supply chain crisis, hampered productivity, and now the prospect of a global recession.

NSW needs a plan for our state’s long-term future. The Property Council of Australia has devised one. It is not just an aspirational plan for the future of NSW – but a plan to deliver it.

In the lead up to the 2023 NSW Election, we are calling on both major parties to focus on the following priorities:

  • Leading our great state
  • Making NSW the place of choice, and
  • Creating a sustainable future.

By acting on these priorities we will advance our status as the greatest state in the nation. It’s time to start delivering.

1. Leading our great state

  • Restore accountability and responsibility to our planning system
  • Accelerate housing delivery at a local level, and
  • Support greater housing diversity and access.

2. Making NSW the place of choice

  • Make our regions global centres of significance
  • Enhance NSW’s tax and charges system, and
  • Build a globally significant talent pipeline.

3. Creating a sustainable future

  • Take a whole-of-government approach to decarbonising our homes and offices
  • Support the shift to high performance buildings, and
  • Drive greater resilience within NSW communities.
Building NSW: homes, jobs and our future
Property Council NSW Division's election plan

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