Property Council announces Western Sydney election priorities in order for success

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The Property Council of Australia has announced five key recommendations for Western Sydney to future proof the critical area as a primary growth region in Sydney.

Property Council’s Western Sydney Director David White said significant investment in growth infrastructure was required to lift the quality of living for the people who will call the region home.

“By 2036, Western Sydney will be home to 3 million people and is Australia’s third largest economy contributing $104 billion to gross domestic product,” Mr White said.

“Knowing this alone, we must ensure our region does not experience growing pains.

“We can achieve this through promoting high-density living as an attractive housing choice in Western Sydney by investing in local parks, streetscapes, and public domain improvements.

“Edmondson Park is an emerging key town centre with good access to shops, schools, public transport and recreation. This provides a potential model for future centres on planned metro rail corridors.

We must also address the housing affordability and rental crisis which is gripping Western Sydney, through the coordinated release of housing sites and provision of more diverse housing types and tenures, such as build-to-rent.”

Mr White said a CityDeal 2.0 would play a key role in this.

“Continuing to invest in the current Western Sydney City Deal as part of the Federal Government’s new City Partnerships model will provide the framework for planning, co-ordination and delivery of growth infrastructure to occur along future rapid transit corridors and metro rail extensions,” he said.

“Further investment in our key centres, including the Parramatta CBD and regional centres such as Penrith and Liverpool, will provide more diverse jobs for Western Sydney at locations that better connect with the region.

“We are also calling for a $2.3b roads package for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. Delivering the right roads will ensure development is on the ground as the planes take off in 2026.

“Last and certainly not least, government and industry must work together on ways to address the impact of significant heat and catchment flooding in Northwest Sydney, through better strategic planning as well as workable site planning controls, to increase amenity and lifestyle for existing and future residents.”

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