Property Council calls on the incoming government to address the burning issues in first 100 days

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The Property Council of Australia has called on the next NSW Government to step up and address the critical planning policy issues within its first 100 days.

Property Council’s NSW Acting Executive Director Adina Cirson said unfortunately this election had not provided an opportunity for any sensible debate on key planning policy or strategy.

“Although there has definitely been a focus on housing affordability and supply as a key issue, there has been little heard on what is needed to actually deliver the housing which is urgently needed – and that is on planning reform, infrastructure contributions and employment lands supply,” Ms Cirson said.

“While we have seen several positive advocacy outcomes including commitments around Stamp Duty reform, increased density around transport hubs and the expansion of the Accelerated Infrastructure Fund, a lot more will need to be done post-election.

“A top priority for either party coming into government must be fixing what is one of the most combative and complex planning systems in the country.

“We need a planning system that enables housing delivery, provides certainty, clear governance and speedy development outcomes – a planning system that does not result in complex over-assessment at different stages of the approval process.”

Ms Cirson said the incoming government must secure a proper housing strategy that addresses the housing affordability and rental crisis.

“Showing leadership to cut through the complexities of the planning system must be the number one priority for the next Premier if we are to meet the needs of a growing population in the grips of a housing crisis,” she said.

“Infrastructure contributions reform remains in the ‘never never’ but it can’t be forgotten.

“If we want to deliver stable housing supply, generate over $12 billion in savings for the state, and ensure the right infrastructure is provided at the right time and at the right location, we need to make infrastructure contributions reform a top priority for the next Parliament.

“Let’s also not forget about the challenge with providing adequate land for jobs to occur, especially with the industrial vacancy rates at 0.2 per cent. We cannot just have another crisis with no immediate solution.

“Investment in key infrastructure is critical to further develop the investment pathways and to offset potential job losses arising from a potential economic downturn in mid-late 2023.

“We call on the next NSW Government to show the intestinal fortitude to confront the big challenges facing the NSW planning system and work to improve the economic and social well-being of existing and future residents in Sydney and broader NSW.”

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