Campaigns and Submissions


Submission – Freight Policy Reform

As one of the principal advocates for freight policy reform, the Property Council is passionate about ensuring the program is well-calibrated to deliver on its objective to identify short, medium and long-term actions for the Government to support a resilient freight sector that supports
supply chains and the industrial sector as whole.

Stacked against us – The true cost of taxes and charges on housing

The Property Council of Australia has released alarming new research showing the Queensland Government’s promise of delivering ‘a home for every Queenslander’ cannot be fulfilled under the current tax model, which is seeing more than one third of the cost of new homes and apartments made up of taxes, fees, and charges.

The ‘Stacked Against Us’ research shows that government taxes, fees and charges make up 32 per cent of the total cost of a new home and land package in Queensland and 33.3 per cent of a new apartment. For a $730,000 mortgage, that equates to $233,440 in taxes, fees and charges.

The impact of these tax settings is seeing Queenslanders spend the first nine years of a 30-year mortgage package paying off prohibitive taxes, fees and charges – plus interest.

Submission – NSW Budget 2024-2025

Our submission also highlights the need to accelerate planning reform and reducing fees, charges and taxes to boost economic activity and create jobs. This includes ensuring that while we deliver much needed housing, in parallel we also address the chronic industrial land shortage, as well as maintain a strong public infrastructure pipeline and vibrant city centres.