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Generations of members have worked to grow and strengthen our industry, but there are some who have made contributions that are so remarkable that they deserve special recognition. These people are our Life Members.

Life Members have demonstrated outstanding individual leadership and made contributions that fundamentally improved the Property Council’s ability to serve its members. Life Members are selected by the National Board and can be awarded life membership at a National level, State level or for our specialist Divisions.

Peter Barrington

Bill Cairns

Frank Charnock

Victor Hoog Antink AM

John V. McCarthy AO

Greg Paramor AO

Brian Pollock

Ray Powys AM

Jack Ritch

Carol Schwartz AO

Jim Service AO

Lyn Shaddock KSS

Darren Steinberg

Peter Verwer AO

New South Wales

John Elvy
Ron Farrow
Bob Hawes
Louise Joslin
Prof. Graeme Newell
Greg Paramor AO
Lexia Wilson
Matthew Quinn


John Banks
Jim Brierley
Daryl Browning
Cyril F.B. Gates
Daniel Grollo
Prof. Roz Hansen
Edward J. Larkin
Maurice Pitard
Sir Louis Pyke ED
Keith Williams 


Alan Cole
Trevor Davies
Kevin Dell
Guy Gibson
William (Bill) Humble
Peter Hyland
Neil Judge CSMA

Western Australia

Ian Armstrong
Tony Packer 
Steven Yovich
Eric Wilkinson

South Australia

Roger Cook AM
Kate Knight OAM
Theo Proeve
James Sarah
Dick Whittington
Steve Maras


Steven Flannery
Tony Hedley AM
George Katheklakis
Arthur Kenyon AM
Greg Lyons
Jo Metcalf
Chris Wheeler

Northern Territory

Trevor Dalton


Robert Rockefeller


Derek McMillan
Alison Quinn

South Australia

Loretta Byres
Joan Stone

New South Wales

Tony Baldwin
Avril Fink
Tom Galletta
Bill Riddington


Jonathan Forster
Peter Govan
Pat Hems
Peter Inge


Kim Teudt

Western Australia

Ray Fitzgerald
Russell Halpern


Mark Ford


Denis Coupland