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We’re the voice of the Australian property industry,  championing a strong, thriving sector that leaves a positive legacy for all Australians.

The Property Council of Australia was founded in 1969. Today, we are a passionate team of 120 professionals across every capital city, plus Newcastle and Wollongong, that facilitates industry advocacy, research, events, professional development, and connection. 

We are respected champions for reforms that deliver strong benefits to the community. Governments, stakeholders and the public respect the important economic and social contribution of our industry.

Our 2,300 member companies are the nation’s major investors, owners, managers and creators of properties and places that matter: homes, retirement villages, shopping centres, offices, industrial areas, education, research and health precincts, tourism and hospitality venues, and more. 

Property is the largest industry and biggest employer in Australia, representing 13 per cent of Australia’s GDP, employing 1.4 million Australians and generating more than $106 billion in tax revenues to fund community services.  An essential industry in its own right, it’s also the backbone of the nation’s business and industrial sectors: the factories and logistics facilities that enable mining and manufacturing; the workplaces and hotels that enable business and tourism; the shops and retail centres that enable small business and connection; the schools and sports facilities that enable education and recreation. 

A thriving property industry is core to our nation’s prosperity. We are privileged to lead the sector and connect the industry to speak with a united, powerful voice. 

There’s a proverb that says, “A society grows great when old people plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” 

Property is just like that. Property is creating and building the world for future generations: our great, great grandchildren. And we want to get it right, because our wellbeing and quality of life depends on it. 

This is why we champion and advocate for thriving, liveable cities, communities where people love to live and work, a sustainable future where our environment is protected, and an economy that builds prosperity for everyone. 

Our values are fundamental to how we go about our work and strongly embedded in the organisation. 

OUR MEMBERS: We put our members at the heart of all we do.

LEADERSHIP: We make a difference in our industry and our community.

EXCELLENCE: We are passionate about our work and deliver outstanding results.

COLLABORATION: We respect each other’s diverse views and are committed to our one company culture.

INTEGRITY: We are ethical, accountable and believe in each other.

Our proud story starts in 1969, when a group of visionary property leaders gathered to create an association that could set standards, educate, advocate, and speak with one voice. Known at the time as the Building, Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), we were originally established as an educational and professional body but evolved to represent the interests of members on matters of public policy. The organisation officially became the Property Council of Australia in 1996, and today we represent Australia’s largest industry.  

Learn more about how we’ve shaped cities and created communities below. 

The Property Council operates under a national model with regional Divisions in every state and territory. We also have four specialist Divisions dedicated to advocating on specific industry sectors: Capital Markets, Residential Development, Retirement Living and Student Accommodation.

Our Board governs and drives the national advocacy agenda, and works with Division Councils to oversee advocacy and member services for our state and specialist Divisions. Division Councils govern and set the agenda for our state and specialist divisions, with each Division President securing a position on the National Board. Members of the Board and Division Councils are elected for a two year term.

National Board

Our Board governs and drives the national advocacy agenda and decides the organisation’s strategic direction, policy positions and budgeting, in consultation with Division Councils and members. Members of the Board are industry leaders from some of Australia’s biggest companies, and are elected for a two year term.

Division Councils

Division Councils govern and set the agenda for our state and specialist divisions, overseeing advocacy and member services in line with the Board’s guidance and representing the collective interests of members. Division Council members are elected for a two year term, with the Division President also taking a position on the National Board.

Executive Team

Led by CEO Michael Zorbas, our executive team comprises 17 experts passionate about property and our purpose. Responsible for implementing the strategy and guiding day to day operations, t’s a team of leaders with a clear vision, a collaborative approach, and an unwavering commitment to our members.

Our Committees

Over 130 specialist Committees help drive the agenda for specific topics relevant to the industry. More than 1,900 member volunteers serve on one of our coveted industry Committees, sharing knowledge and shaping our priority areas. Committee members are nominated by their organisation and appointed for a two year term.


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Our members are at the heart of everything we do. They help shape and support our policy positions and advocacy strategies, and benefit from the learning opportunities, networking, research, thought leadership and advocacy we facilitate.  If your organisation is connected to the property sector in any way, whether you have one or 10,000 employees, you’ll gain insights and value from joining us.