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Cities & Infrastructure

Find data on population, infrastructure, commutes and other key indicators relating to Australia’s cities.


Find data and key economic statistics on a global, national and state level including GDP, CPI, employment and interest rates.

Foreign Investment

Find data on offshore investment sources, volumes, sales, taxes and regulations throughout Australia.

Government & Taxes

Find data on property taxes, infrastructure expenditure and performance ratings for federal and state governments.


Find data on occupancy, returns and values, development pipeline, rates, sentiment and offshore investment.


Find data on income and capital returns, offshore investment and value sentiment.


Find data on commercial property and statistics including construction and transaction activity.


Find data on supply, demand, vacancies, returns, value sentiment, sales and foreign investment and more.


Find data on values, rents, construction activity and value sentiment.


Find data on retail sales, asset values and returns, foreign investment and value sentiment.

Retirement Living

Find data on village occupant demographics, unit values and vacancies, and value sentiment.


Find data on national and international sustainability ratings, energy costs and consumption.