Our Focus

Simple, Fair, Competitive Taxation

It is clear there is a need for urgent, fundamental tax reform in South Australia, and nationally. Reforms to property-based taxes are a critical part of this process. Inefficient taxes act as a handbrake on the economy – impeding transactions, stifling activity, inhibiting job growth and constricting productivity. The Property Council will continue to fight for complete stamp duty abolition on all types of property transactions and for a more competitive land tax regime in SA.

A Modernised Planning System

The Property Council is fighting for a modern, depoliticised and efficient planning system in South Australia that creates investor certainty and drives economic growth. Our vision for planning is a system that is user friendly, acts as a development enabler and has a world-class reputation.

Local Government Efficiencies

The commercial property sector pays more than its fair share when it comes to local government taxes. A pillar of the Property Council’s advocacy in South Australia is around ensuring transparency, value for money and efficiency gains at the local government level.

Vibrant Mainstreets

Mainstreets act as economic hubs in our cities. The Property Council has built an advocacy platform in South Australia around engaging property owners, Councils, State Government, traders and the community to come together to leverage our mainstreets to support jobs and vibrancy in our communities.

Strong Economic Development

The Property Council recognises that driving economic development is a key priority for South Australia. We will continue to advocate for a diversified, modern economy that grows jobs and enables the property sector to thrive. We want to ensure South Australia is not only one of the world’s most liveable places, but also the best place to do business.

Smart Infrastructure Planning & Delivery

We need infrastructure that meets today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. We will continue to advocate for depoliticised infrastructure planning and investment that is evidence based and acts as a catalyst for economic growth in the state.

A Thriving Retirement Village Sector

The retirement living sector presents significant benefits to the community through allowing older people to age in place and supporting them with services that would otherwise need to be government funded. The Property Council will continue to support the retirement village sector to thrive in this state.