NSW Housing Summit Outcomes Report

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On 28 June 2023, the Property Council of Australia and the McKell Institute convened a Housing Summit — a landmark event that brought together leading experts from across the property industry, government and civil society to discuss the challenges of housing supply and affordability in Australia.

The summit was held in response to our state’s acute housing crisis – against a backdrop of rising house prices, increasing homelessness, rental stress, and concerns about the future of home ownership.

The housing crisis has seen homelessness services stretched to breaking point, but it has also galvanized governments across the country into action. The political ground in NSW is shifting away from polarizing NIMBY debates to a more fruitful discussion about how we can best provide homes for people across NSW.

In his address, the NSW Premier Chris Minns made clear his government is putting housing firmly at the centre of the agenda. This commitment was further demonstrated in the keynote addresses of Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Paul Scully, who outlined recent NSW Government planning reforms to enable industry to deliver more housing, and Minister for Housing and Homelessness, Rose Jackson, who underscored the scale of the affordable and social housing shortages and the role of the property sector in partnering with government to deliver solutions.

While the drivers of the housing crisis are complex, the policy solutions are clear. Key to navigating this housing crisis — and laying the foundations to prevent the next one — are collaboration and consensus among key stakeholders in the sector, particularly those dedicated towards offering housing solutions for the most vulnerable in the state.

This Outcomes Report summarises the discussions held at the NSW Housing Summit and collates the suite ofsolutions presented by a broad and diverse collection of expert stakeholders.

It offers a range of insights and ideas that highlight the roadblocks standing in the way of policy progress, andthe solutions aimed at helping more people attain housing.

Access to a safe and stable place to live is a fundamental building block for an inclusive, harmonious, andprosperous society. But too many people in this state are not afforded the security that comes with having aroof over their head. This Outcomes Report aims to stimulate action to ensure everyone in NSW has access toa home that they can afford and meets their needs.

NSW Housing Summit Outcomes Report