South Australia is proud to have a membership of more than 210 companies representing all aspects of the state's growing property industry.  Of these members, 92 are core members which own or manage property while 120 are associate members providing essential services to the sector. To discuss joining the Property Council of Australia please contact Brooke Atkinson on 02 9033 1922.


RA Veitch & Co Associate Member 10 Dec 2021
Johnson Winter & Slattery Associate Member 06 Dec 2021
Cook Building & Development Associate Member 22 Nov 2021
Interpret Legal Associate Member 22 Oct 2021
BlueScope Steel Associate Member 23 Sep 2021
SYC Ltd Core Member 08 Sep 2021
TK Elevator Australia Associate Member 01 Sep 2021
Schneider Electric Buildings Australia Pty Ltd Associate Member 09 Jun 2021
Smart Conveyancing Associate Member 20 May 2021