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NBN Award for Product, Program or Service Innovation

This Award recognises an innovative element that creates significant advancement and improvement within the property industry including but not limited to design, build and development, property management, asset management, facilities management, financial and back-office systems, smart buildings and cities, and consumer/customer service.

The innovative element should be related to a single product, program or service.

The innovation must be replicable and of broad benefit to the property industry and or the community.

The innovation activities go beyond what is usual, regular, customary, or merely incremental in their approach.

The award is open to members of the Property Council of Australia only and the innovation element has not previously won the Award.

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2024 Finalists

Digital innovation revolutionises contractual dispute analysis

Nominated by WT

Owned by WT

Time and accuracy are crucial in contractual disputes, but manually reviewing thousands of documents is a massive, lengthy task. WT has leveraged digital innovation to develop a custom model capable of meticulously and rapidly scanning, organising and reviewing information – revolutionising analysis of property industry documentation to substantiate legal claims.

eGuarantee Lease Bond Solution

Nominated by eGuarantee (Securegistry)

Owned by eGuarantee, Shaun Sergay & Cedric Fuchs

The bank guarantee is an outdated commercial lease security solution. eGuarantee’s lease bond solution has the same level of security (A+ rated), but helps landlords increase coverage, improve conversion and accelerate claims. Tenants also benefit with a faster and easier process, and no debilitating collateral or cash deposit requirement.

FibreX - Converged Fibre Optic Network Solution Fibrenet

Nominated by Fibrenet

Owned by Fibrenet

FibreX is a converged fibre optic network, delivering high speed 10Gbps Internet, Telephone, Free to Air TV, Security, Intercom and Building Management Services, through a single dark fibre backbone. It reduces the cost of materials, waste and space needed for infrastructure, whilst providing an energy efficient and future proofed product.

Generator Tech Digitising Seniors Living & Build To Rent

Nominated by Generator Tech

Owned by Generator Tech

We aim to create happier and healthier resident communities whilst also improving operational efficiencies for building owners and managers. We achieve this by providing innovative technology that enhances the social connection, wellbeing, and overall happiness of residents, while collecting and analysing real-time building performance and wellness data.

GPT Space&Co

Nominated by The GPT Group

Owned by The GPT Group

With solid backing of GPT, Space&Co is elevating the experience of Shared Flex Space to new heights by creating workplace experiences that actively shape a better tomorrow. Curated spaces considering everything from flexibility, wellness, community, sustainability and technology help GPT Space&Co customers scale fast and stay ahead of the game.

GRIP Insights

Nominated by Core Projects

Owned by Core Projects

Experience the future of off-the-plan land sales with GRIP Insights. Our platform delivers real-time, accurate data, empowering users with interactive features and historical insights. From developers to government agencies, GRIP sets a new standard for efficiency, transparency, and success in the property industry.


Nominated by IPEX

Owned by Jake Porteous

IPEX is a revolutionary Australian payments platform that protects the cash flow of construction projects. Backed by founders with over 70 years of construction experience, IPEX’s payment exchange safeguards project funds and in effect mitigates the contagion effect of builder insolvency by for the entire construction industry - developers lenders, subcontractors and suppliers.

Johnstaff STEM Program

Nominated by Johnstaff Projects (NSW)

Owned by Johnstaff Projects (NSW)

If you can see it, you can be it. We developed our STEM program to increase the awareness that students have of the wide variety of career options that are available to women, in construction and the broader property and engineering sector and to connect with women who have succeeded.

Land iQ: Standardised Land Use Evaluation Tool

Nominated by Property and Development NSW

Owned by Property and Development NSW

Land iQ is a spatially enabled whole-of-government strategic land use evaluation data platform designed to help NSW government agencies make streamlined, collaborative decisions about land use planning to address major challenges such as Australia’s housing affordability crisis and the urgent need for sustainable and resilient communities.

Meanwhile Use at The Central Project

Nominated by TOGA Group

Owned by TOGA Group

"The Central Project" is the perfect example of collaboration to enable:

  1. pop-up community housing for young people + refugees; and
  2. retail spaces for charities, prior to Developers commencing construction. The former 'Adina Apartment Hotel Sydney Central' has provided over 33,000 nights accommodation since pop-up and continues to thrive.

The Rocks Revitalisation Strategy

Nominated by Placemaking NSW

Owned by Placemaking NSW

The Rocks Revitalisation Strategy has transformed Sydney's most historic area into a dynamic, accessible public precinct. The initiative merged the area's rich heritage with contemporary innovation, delivering substantial economic benefits. Results: Business turnover surged 11% above pre-pandemic figures; user satisfaction ratings dramatically improved; and foot traffic to the precinct increased.

Off Site ICT Test Laboratory

Nominated by John Holland

Owned by Victorian Health Building Authority

The Victorian Heart Hospital implemented an offsite ICT test laboratory to conduct ICT testing remotely, allowing for full integration and systems testing. This approach minimized project risks by independently testing applications before the physical build, ensuring a smooth transition to operational readiness and GO LIVE.

2023 Winner

Homes For Homes and Denman Prospect

Homes for Homes is a community-led solution to combat homelessness. By enacting Homes for Homes across Denman Prospect, the development has raised over $1 million dollars in six years to increase supply of social and affordable housing. Nationally, Homes for Homes has helped create secure housing for over 300 Australians.

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