The Queensland Government has provided the following information to assist users in utilising the Queensland Globe.

The Queensland Globe is an online interactive mapping tool that allows you to view land and property information over high resolution satellite imagery.

You can use it to explore location based information including property boundaries, land valuations, easements, tenure, roads and railway. All this data and more is freely available in one place.

Queensland Globe allows you to choose maps and property data to suit your needs. You can view hundreds of spatial data layers displayed over a particular property, suburb or area and measure distances to find the closest object or other landscape features. For rural properties you can find waterways and bores, farming and vegetation data.

Access Queensland Globe via the link below:

You can create and save your own maps to share them with colleagues or clients. If you’re on the move, take advantage of Queensland Globe on your mobile devices.

You can also add your own data and images to the map by dragging and dropping files into the Globe.

Using the 3D mode the Globe allows you to pan the map around and view the surroundings in 3D, enabling an elevation profile to see the terrain and heights above sea level.

The Queensland Globe is free and easily accessible via a web browser on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Check out the Help pages within the Globe to see our video tutorials and FAQs.

If your business area would like a free webinar demonstration of the power of Queensland Globe please email opendata@resources.qld.gov.au