State Infrastructure Plan 2019 update released

The Queensland Government has released the Part B 2019 update of the State Infrastructure Plan (SIP).

The update outlines a $49.5 billion infrastructure investment across Queensland, including $12.9 billion over the next 12 months. The update details significant investment into regional Queensland, social and economic infrastructure and a strong focus on working with the private sector to deliver projects.

Speaking at the launch of the SIP update, Minister for Infrastructure, Cameron Dick said, “I think the Government can help the private sector pave the way for our State.

“In this year’s SIP Update, one of the things you will see a focus on is how the government is investing and facilitating projects with the private sector. I am proud of efforts that we are making to encourage private sector investment in Queensland.

“By working together, our efforts ensure there is a combined public-private infrastructure pipeline of $146 billion. That is the second highest in the nation, just behind New South Wales.”

The Minister announced that in the Financial year 2019 the State Government is expecting to achieve the lowest under spend for infrastructure in a decade.

As part of the release of the SIP update, the Minister also launched the Strategy for Social Infrastructure. The strategy provides a framework for the planning, design, location and use of the state’s social infrastructure.

“Our place-based approach will see us target new investment towards more integrated and accessible hospitals, schools and community facilities. All the ingredients that lead to a happy, connected and healthy community.” said Minister Dick.

To view the State Infrastructure Plan Part B: Program – 2019 update click here.

To view the Strategy for Social Infrastructure click here.