Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3: Information for Sub-contractors and Suppliers

The Queensland Government through the Queensland Procurement Policy has released an industry briefing for Queenslanders to support local jobs and businesses to drive economic, environmental and social outcomes. This briefing includes ensuring quality, safe workplaces for people engaged on major state government projects, through the implementation of Best Practice Principles (BPPs), in accordance with guidance issued by the Department of Energy and Public Works and the Office of Industrial Relations.  

A recording of this industry briefing can be found here and covers the below information:

  • an overview of the Queensland Government policy context and its application to major projects, including the Queensland Procurement Policy, Best Practice Principles, and best practice industrial relations
  • how the policies and government generally apply to TMR’s QTRIP program
  • how the Best Practice Industry Conditions may be considered for the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3 project

For information and support in tendering for government work, watch the State Development Why Choose Your Business webinar series.

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