Deputy Premier Steven Miles last week announced at a Property Council lunch event that the Queensland Government has published the findings of the peer review into its Land Supply and Development Monitoring (LSDM) Report. The review follows consistent advocacy from the Property Council regarding the accuracy of data currently within the LSDM report.

The review contains 41 recommendations to improve the current LDSM report including:

  • Engaging with industry to inform the generation of a draft development pipeline
  • Identifying critical pressure points for local government along the development pipeline
  • Working with industry, utility providers and local governments to development methodologies to assess a range of land supply types

Government has welcomed the outcomes of the peer review and will use its findings to improve the accuracy of the report and enhance the LSDM Report’s transparency.

Currently, the Department is working with industry to finalise its LSDM Peer Review Implementation strategy that will outline how all 41 recommendations will be implemented.

The Property Council looks forward to collaborating with Government to ensure that future LSDM reports provide an accurate and transparent account of land supply in SEQ. This will ensure that the LSDM Report is a critical tool in responding to housing affordability issues ahead of the impending review of the SEQ Regional Plan.

To view the peer review, please click here.