Woolloongabba Cross River Rail PDA Update

A new interim land use plan (ILUP) has been implemented across the Woolloongabba Cross River Rail Priority Development Area (PDA), effective Wednesday 24 November 2021. Recognising that the Gabba as the proposed main stadium for the Olympic event, this new interim land use will be in place, while work is undertaken to how it will impact on the broader PDA. The ILUP will include provisions for affordable and social housing, as well co-designed public space outcomes.

The Deputy Premier has delegated powers to the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority to deal with development scheme preparation and development assessment.

Submissions will be sought from industry and the community in 2022 when the revised PDA is released for public consultation. The Property Council will keep members informed of any further developments and will be preparing a submission on this revised PDA.

You can read more information here or read the Government’s media statement here.