Office of Independent Assessor: Parliamentary Inquiry

The Queensland Government has committed to conducting an inquiry into the functions of the Independent Assessor and the performance of those functions.

The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry are:

  • whether the performance by the Independent Assessor of the Independent Assessor’s functions is consistent with the intent of the local government complaints system,
  • whether the powers and resources of the Independent Assessor are being applied in accordance with the public interest, and
  • any amendments to the Local Government Act 2009 or changes to the functions, structures or procedures of the Independent Assessor that the committee considers desirable for the more effective operation of the Independent Assessor and/or the local government complaints system

The committee is inviting written submissions from all parties on any aspect of the Terms of Reference. The closing date for submissions is Wednesday December 1 2021.

The Property Council will provide a submission as part of the inquiry.

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