The Queensland Government has introduced the Mandatory Planning (Walkable Neighbourhoods) Amendment Regulation 2020. The new benchmarks may be overridden by local government planning schemes that enforce a stricter criteria.

The benchmarks will apply to any subdivisions that:

  • Are in a residential (excluding rural residential or similar zone) tourism accommodation, emerging community or mixed-use zone
  • Have a single lot dedicated for residential purposes
  • Include the creation of roads or extension to existing roads

The new regulation includes five mandatory benchmarks for qualifying subdivisions to meet. These benchmarks are:

  • Grid like street patterns that respond to local area landscape
  • A maximum street of less than 250m
  • A minimum of 1 tree required every 15m
  • Footpaths on at least one side for roads that provide direct lot access
  • Parks and open space to required within 400m of each part of a block

The regulation does provide flexibility where the local landscape prevents qualifying subdivisions from achieving the benchmarks.

The regulation will apply to all Development Applications lodged after September 28 2020.

Previously, the Property Council has engaged government and infrastructure stakeholders on the importance of having a consistent approach to infrastructure design and assessment to prevent increased and varying construction costs across local government jurisdictions.

Importantly the new regulation is supported by a range of supporting technical guidance.  One of these items is a contemporary street design manual released by IPWEAQ following consultation with range of government and industry stakeholders including the Property Council of Australia.  The document provides local government and the development industry with a consistent guide for the design and development of Queensland’s residential neighbourhoods.

To find out more about the Mandatory Planning (Walkable Neighbourhoods) Amendment Regulation 2020 and the supporting technical documents, please click here.