The Property Council have lodged the following submissions.

Land Tax Relief

The Property Council have again written to the Queensland Treasurer seeking an urgent intervention to extend the deadline for land tax relief applications.

Currently, applications for land tax rebates close on 30 June 2020. As part of this application landlords need to commit to provide rent relief for tenants affected by COVID-19.

Feedback from landlords has been that this deadline is insufficient and will not provide landlords with adequate time to receive, process, and respond to tenant requests for rental relief.

In previous letters, the Property Council outlined several matters that are currently limiting the capacity of landlords to seek land tax relief on behalf of their tenants.

To view the Property Council’s most recent letter, please click here.

Submission to Brisbane’s City Council’s Economic Recovery Taskforce

The Property Council has provided a submission to the BCC’s Economic Recovery Taskforce outlining measures that the Council can implement to promote the property industry’s recovery from COVID-19.

The property industry provides more jobs in Brisbane than any other sector. As such, it will play an integral role in how Brisbane recovers from COVID-19. Brisbane City Council should look to implement policy settings that will allow the local property industry to drive the City’s economic recovery.

To achieve this, the Property Council has proposed that the Council should:

  • Implement a coordinated package of incentives, promotional programs, and support services to encourage investment in Brisbane’s CBD.
  • Maximise the benefits of projects already slated for development by progressing precinct development in key areas around the Brisbane Metro and Brisbane’s Knowledge Corridor.
  • Refresh Neighbourhood Plans in key economic areas.
  • Include a broad scope of criteria for the 50% infrastructure charges concession scheme announced in the 2020-2021 budget.
  • Assist the construction industry with applications that relate to qualified projects for the Federal Government’s ‘Homebuilder’ scheme.
  • Work with the property industry to deliver Brisbane’s Housing Strategy
  • Adopt suggested actions as part of the Brisbane Industrial Strategy
  • Create a new Economic Development Plan to reflect the realities of a post COVID environment
  • Review residential car parking rates

To view the Property Councils full submission, please click here.

Brisbane Airport 2020 Prescribed Airspace Draft

The Property Council have provided input into Brisbane Airport’s draft 2020 Prescribed Airspace Document.

The feedback notes that to successfully achieve the growth objectives identified in ShapingSEQ, there needs to be buildings that surpass the current 274m Australian height datum (AHD) restriction.

Due to this, the Property Council believes that Brisbane Airport should work towards developing height restrictions that better accommodate economic growth in the CBD and at the airport.

To view the Property council’s full letter, please click here.