Local Government Business Support

Local governments across Queensland have announced a range of business support measures in response to the economic impact of COVID-19. Measures include rate relief and deferral or waiving of fees and charges.

The following summarises the key business support initiatives announced by major Queensland councils over recent days.

Brisbane City Council

  • BCC is offering rates relief to businesses and residents experiencing hardship because of coronavirus. This will apply to all ratepayers, including owner occupiers, non-owner occupiers and businesses.
  • BCC will waive all charges, rents, levies and permit fees effective immediately.

To find out more on Brisbane City Council’s COVID-19 economic relief, please click here.

Gold Coast City Council

  • Gold Coast City Council is waiving roadside dining fees and rents for businesses with commercial leases on City premises.
  • Gold Coast City Council is also waiving development application fees relating directly to the COVID-19 emergency until 30 June 2020.

To find out more about Gold Coast City Council’s initiatives, please click here.

Sunshine Coast Council

  • SCC is offering the staged payment of infrastructure charges.
  • New assessment of temporary use permits
  • Waiving footpath/outdoor dining, trading permit fees and food licensing fees.
  • SCC have also deployed additional staff focused on building and plumbing approvals to ensure continuity of work.

To view the Sunshine Coast Council’s full range of initiatives, please click here.

Moreton Bay Regional Council

  • Owner-occupier ratepayers receiving the Federal Government’s coronavirus supplement will get a total $200 rebate on their rates. Information and application details will be forwarded to ratepayers with their April rate notice.
  • Accelerated asset maintenance works to help keep businesses and local people employed on local projects.Businesses can register through the supplier portal.

To view the full details of Moreton Bay Regional Council’s COVID-19 relief, please click here.

Logan City Council

  • LCC will offer an interest free period for April-June quarter rates and charges.
  • Existing hardship arrangement for residential property owners has been extended to all property owners
  • A 50% refund on operational license fees paid since July 2019 is now available. Fees incurred via business application will be waived until August 31 2020.

To view the full details of Logan City Council’s COVID-19 relief, please click here.

Ipswich City Council

  • ICC will waive footpath dining fees, food licence, temporary food stall/premises fees until June 30.
  • ICC have also launched a new internet portal which will explain all the grants available to businesses and community organisations.

To view the full details of what Ipswich City Council has announced, please click here.

Toowoomba Regional Council

  • TRC will pause debt recovery for all outstanding rates and charges through to 30 June 2020.
  • TRC will now also only seek quotations from local businesses when procuring works and services up to the value of $200,000.

To view more details, please click here.

Mackay Regional Council

  • Mackay will waive footpath dining and trading fees, food and itinerant and static vendor charges and licence fees for accommodation, swimming and relevant businesses impacted for the 2020-2021 financial year.
  • Provide a 50% reduction in developer application fees for a six-month period between April and October 2020.
  • Extend the period of due date payment (deferral) of rates that are due in September 2020 by three months for all ratepayers.

To view more details, please click here.

Townsville City Council

  • TCC will offer rent relief to June 30 for Council commercial leases
  • Alfresco Dining and many other fees will be fixed on $0

To the full detail of what Townsville City Council is proposing, please click here.

Cairns Regional Council

  • Cairns will accelerate maintenance works to stimulate the economy
  • Provide a three-month extension on a range of business-related fees and charges
  • Waive all outdoor dining fees for three months (April to June)

To view the full details on what Cairns City Council is offering, please click here.

The Property Council has been heavily engaged with local governments, advocating for business support measures such as commercial rate relief.

The Property Council will continue to provide updates on what government initiatives mean for your business throughout the COVID-19 crisis.