Townsville City Council has proposed a new local law to protect and enhance the amenity of buildings.

Local Law 8 (Unsightly Buildings) and Subordinate Local Law 8 (Unsightly Buildings) 2020 aims to protect buildings by requiring owners to:

  • Maintain the presentation of buildings in designated areas; and
  • Remove graffiti from buildings

To achieve this, the law proposes to:

  1. empower Council to designate areas of Townsville to which the local law will apply;
  2. impose a duty upon building owners to maintain the appearance of buildings;
  3. empower Council to call upon a building owner to show cause as to why the Council should not issue a compliance notice to the owner;
  4. establish review mechanisms in respect of show cause notices and compliance notices;
  5. empower Council to give owners and occupiers of property that has been marked with graffiti a graffiti removal notice that require the person to remove the graffiti; and
  6. create offences of failing to comply with a compliance notice or a graffiti removal notice issued under the local law.

Townville City Council is looking for feedback on any aspect of the new law. Submissions close at 5pm on 3 July 2020.

To lodge your submission, please click here.