Aprao – Property Development of Tomorrow

As it stands, much of the property industry continues to use spreadsheets and other legacy software in day to day business, ignoring the immense efficiencies presented by emerging technologies.

Aprao is able to address this by harnessing big data to automatically formulate logic-based decisions for all stakeholders within property development. One key area of innovation is within the development feasibility and finance landscape.

As data integrity risk and accurate assumptions become ever more important within the industry, developers are implementing cloud-based tools to ensure the best returns. Similarly, lenders are currently struggling with the quality of proposals and see the significant efficiency gains of digital, standardised development finance tools that will integrate with their systems.

Property development companies can rely on Aprao for development finance proposals and feasibilities to be modelled, submitted and assessed in a more efficient manner. Aprao is available to discuss developing a strategy that can elevate your business and engage purpose build digital technologies.