North Queensland Regional Plan Position Paper

The Townsville Chapter of the Property Council of Australia has prepared and released a position paper on the North Queensland Regional Plan (NQRP).

The position paper identifies the key policy priorities ahead of the anticipated release of the draft NQRP this month.

In order to achieve the stated objectives of economic growth, population change, and meeting the demands for local public services, the Property Council has identified the following seven elements as critical to delivering a North Queensland Regional Plan with a purpose.

  1. The North Queensland Regional Plan should contain a 50 year vision and a 25 year strategic planning framework that: 
  2. Positions the region to compete in the tropical zone 
  3. Provides for a regional land use pattern that encourages a diverse economy 
  4. Enables the timely and coordinated delivery of infrastructure 
  5. Resolves land use and policy conflicts 
  6. Complements and integrates with existing planning documents
  7. Is implemented at a local level 

The Townsville Chapter looks forward to the opportunity to provide further input into the draft plan. 

NQRP Position Paper
(Adobe PDF File)