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#whynotperth? was a campaign launched by the Property Council in September 2022 to attract skilled talent to Western Australia to help address critical worker shortages plaguing the industry. The shortfall in labour across property is severely compromising project viability across all new developments.

The campaign was a continuation of our commitment to position WA as a destination of choice for skilled workers and help attract top talent to our industry in the west. 

Featuring members of the Property Council WA, #whynotperth? was delivered as a series of short videos shared on social media, showcasing the benefits and diversity of career opportunities available in Perth’s property industry.

Property Council WA Executive Director Sandra Brewer said: “In WA, the shortages are more severe than in other markets and have significantly impacted the ability of the development industry to bring much-needed projects to market. One example is in the housing space, where skills shortages have caused many projects to be delayed and, in some cases, even cancelled.”

Achieving dedicated media coverage in The West, the campaign showcased the bountiful opportunities available for property professionals in Perth, and aimed to give people a true idea of what life in WA is all about – including the fact that salaries in Perth are 12 per cent higher than the Australian average, and that more than 1.52 jobs are available for every unemployed Western Australian.

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