Message from the President

We are the state’s most important industry – property and construction accounts for nine percent of the economy, one out of 10 jobs and the bulk of private sector investment.

Roger Teale – Victorian President (Head of Markets - Victoria, Lendlease)

In short, property and construction is the primary driver of Victorian prosperity.

Our industry creates jobs, grows the economy and helps everyday Australians secure their future.

And the importance of our industry to the state’s future economic wellbeing is only going to increase, with Melbourne on track to overtake Sydney as the nation’s most populous city in coming decades.

This means we need to continue our focus on planning, infrastructure and tax reform to ensure our cities are prepared to cope with growth, while at the same time remaining productive vibrant centres.

The Property Council is a trusted and respected advocate for the key issues facing our industry. By working closely with state and local governments here in Victoria the Property Council plays an important role ensuring that policymakers get the settings right to allow our industry to do well.

We are focused on achieving the best outcomes for members when it comes to:

  • Keeping downward pressure on property taxes
  • Proposing new solutions to improve housing affordability
  • Securing a freeze on local government rates
  • Advocating for greater and sensibly targeted infrastructure investments
    • Developing and enunciating a clear vision for Victoria's key urban renewal precincts  
    • Pioneering new ways of developing precinct wide sustainability measures
  • Overseeing the implementation of Plan Melbourne's action list

Membership of the Property Council includes benefits not only for member companies but also for their staff, with a wide range of professional development and networking opportunities. Members get access to valuable research and advocacy alerts to stay up-to-date with developing issues.

The Property Council is a strong voice in public and media debates on issues affecting our industry and is committed to championing diversity.

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