Code of Conduct update

In November we will begin transitioning organisations who have pre-registered, to a full registration for the Retirement Living Code of Conduct.

Pre-registered organisations will have the first opportunity to formally become a Code of Conduct signatory, before we open registrations to the entire retirement living industry.

Full registration requires you to certify the Code compliance status of each village and to pay your annual Code subscription fee. We have worked to make this process as simple as possible, and to assist you can undertake a pre-assessment using our self-certification checklist.

From 1 January 2020, residents and the public will be encouraged to check if their current or prospective village is signed up to the Code.

A reminder that the annual Code of Conduct subscription fee is:

Property Council and LASA member organisations
$200 per village + $2.50 per independent living unit/apartment owned (+ GST)

All other organisations
$500 per village + $6.25 per independent living unit/apartment owned (+ GST)

Application fee

A one-off application fee of $100 (for member) and $250 (non-member) villages will also apply. This fee will be waived for all villages registering before 31 December 2019.

Code benefits

All signatories to the Retirement Living Code of Conduct will be able to access a range of collateral to promote their Code compliance, including individual community certificates and other marketing material, which you’ll be invited to use for the benefit of your current and prospective residents.

Your organisation’s communities will also be listed on the Property Council’s directory on the homepage of our consumer website,

Code administration and review panel

In coming weeks, we’ll be recruiting a dedicated Code of Conduct administrator to answer queries from signatories, potential signatories, residents and the general public about the Code.

We will also announce the Independent Chair of the Code Review Panel. 

Nominations for Code Review Panel - Operator Representative

Nominations are now open for an Operator Representative, who has experience in the operation of retirement communities, to join the Code Review Panel.

In accordance with the Code, the Code Review Panel undertakes independent oversight, monitoring and review of the Code, its content and matters referred to it by the Code Administrator.

The Panel will operate according to an agreed Terms of Reference and comprise at least three members who are not signatories to the Code. The Panel will:

  • Meet regularly and must have relevant experience in dispute resolution
  • Review amendments to the Code proposed by the Code Administrator
  • Ensure that the Code is regularly reviewed according to the Panel Terms of Reference
  • Hear appeals against sanctions imposed by the Code Administrator
  • Regularly review the Complaints Register
  • Annually review the Code Register, and monitor signatory compliance
  • Oversee the Code Administrator’s functions in managing Code Compliance and reporting.

If you are interested in nominating to be the Operator Representative to the Code Review Panel, please email for an information pack. You are welcome to forward this email to people in your network who may be interested in nominating.

Nominations close at midday (AEDT) on Monday 18 November 2019.