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Profiles & Pathways: Camille Jasson

  • April 02, 2024
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Camille is APP’s youngest Business Lead, specialising in Innovation

From a South African migrant who struggled to find work in the industry, 10 years later Camille is APP’s youngest Business Lead, specialising in Innovation. As Project Director she’s delivered over half a billion dollars’ worth of health projects, having always been drawn to working within the health sector due to the impact and benefits it provides to the community.

Camille’s greatest passion is inspiring everyone she works with to excel. This can be seen not only through her work on health care related projects but her careful consideration and care for the people who will eventually need the services provided by these important projects.

Through all of her array amazing achievements, including the Property Council of Australia Innovations & Excellence Future Leader Award, it is clear that Camille is brilliant at what she does and an asset to The APP group, the industry and more importantly the community.   

She’s a leader on the rise. Explore how Camille Jasson is shaking up the industry as The APP Group’s youngest Business Lead and Property Council’s Future Leader Award recipient 2023.

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