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  • Individual award (single nominee)
  • No ‘self-nominations’


For individuals embracing the increasing role of technology in our industry, this award recognises individuals that have successfully created and implemented new or advanced technology into their business systems and processes to deliver enhanced outcomes.

Winners of this award will be able to link the new technology to their organisation’s strategic objectives and be able to demonstrate tangible commercial, social and/or environmental benefits.


Career profile – 20% weighting (Limit 800 words)

Outline the entrant’s career profile with a focus on how they have consistently driven innovation and forward thinking both within their organisation and more broadly across the property industry and community, with a preferred focus on technology. Include details such as:

  • Employment history
  • Examples of leadership in innovation over their career
  • Internal business contributions and contributions to the industry (eg. Committee / board appointments) related to innovation and forward thinking

Key technology description and impact – 60% weighting (Limit 800 words)

Describe one key innovation in more detail, including details such as:

  • Description of the technology itself and the problem it addresses
  • Why it is innovative or transformational
  • The impact it has had across either commercial outcomes, social outcomes or environmental outcomes
  • Supporting evidence from those that have benefitted from the technology solution.
  • Challenges faced while integrating the technology and how they were resolved
  • Knowledge sharing via published articles, speaking engagements, certificates and media coverage

Referee/testimonial interview – (20% weighting)

Please provide contact details of ONE industry referee who will support this nomination and ensure that your referee is aware that they’ll be contacted. Note that the judges will consider external references more valuable.

Thursday 6 June 2024

6:30pm - 11:00pm Centrepiece Melbourne