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  • Individual award (single nominee)
  • No ‘self-nominations’


This Award recognises individuals who have implemented and delivered outstanding initiatives that benefit the people within their organisation, from strategic leadership development, to committed workplace health and wellbeing, and effective policy and practice that embrace diversity and inclusion and more.

Winners of this award will have demonstrated success in the implementation of programs and initiatives, strengthening their organisation and making a tangible difference to the lives of their people.


Note that all criteria outlined below must be answered as part of the nomination, and points will be deducted for any criteria not directly addressed.

Program / initiative overview – (50% Weighting / Limit 800 words)

Summarise the nominees program(s) or initiative(s). Include details such as:

  • Brief description of program(s) or initiative(s)
  • Beneficiaries of the highlighted program(s) or initiative(s)

Measure of success – (30% Weighting / Limit 800 words)

Describe the impact the nominees program(s) or initiative(s) has made to supporting its people.  Include statistical evidence where applicable.

Referee/testimonial interview – (20% weighting)

Please provide contact details of ONE industry referee who will support this nomination and ensure that your referee is aware that they’ll be contacted. Note that the judges will consider external references more valuable.

Thursday 6 June 2024

6:30pm - 11:00pm Centrepiece Melbourne