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The Property Council’s first ever Technology summit is your gateway to understanding ways technology can be applied in the built environment… and the potential that comes with it.

Discover how your organisation can harness technologies to enhance customer experiences, and the efficiency of your operations.  

The day-long program will take you on a journey: From establishing a strategy, to delivering on a plan with practical actions. 

Debunk the myths around smart buildings, see examples of design excellence, discover where cost efficiencies lie and understand how tech can contribute to your sustainability ambitions. 

Whether you’re already kicking technology goals, or just getting started, this event will deliver ideas and practical solutions for all. 


Thursday 23 November 2023


9:00am - 5:00pm


The Hilton Sydney 488 George Street

Session 1


Debunking the myths

Understand the key elements of a smart building and debunk some of the myths surrounding this new approach to building design.

From the man who wrote the book about Smart Buildings 10 years ago, gain some insights into the key concepts and approaches that you need to be thinking about when you speak about smart buildings.

Session 2 


The disrupted journey to a smarter building

Technology is impacting every sector bringing disruption to processes and behaviors and accelerating at a speed beyond our ability to consume it. Business can no longer be “as usual”.

In this session we will take a step back to look at the journey so far, dive into what needs disrupting and why, peel away the hype from reality, and dive into the fundamentals that makes up the DNA of a smarter building.

Session 3 


Construction and procurement: maintaining the vision – and value

The process of building out an array of technology systems across a variety of traditional building services and newer IOT offerings is complex, costly and, too often, chaotic.

Without a key focus on the original priorities, valued outcomes and ultimate vision, it is easy to deliver solutions that are technically correct, but functionally rejected.

This session focuses on key approaches and processes to make sure you get what you were expecting.

Session 4


AI in property – use cases across the world

Discover practical applications of AI to the property industry and understand how different forms of this technology are being used both locally and internationally.

Session 5

Building operations: bridging the skills gap with AI

Like all industries property is facing a shortage of skilled labour to manage our assets. Discover how AI can support through helping fill skills gaps rather than replacing people.

Session 6 

Cellular connectivity

Dive into 4G and 5G Cellular Connectivity within buildings, the bearer technology to reshape properties with ‘smarts’.

Session 7


Cyber risk – attacking the low hanging fruit

This concise, but informative, session highlights the low-cost quick wins which will eliminate significant amounts of risk in your smart building portfolio.

Session 8 



Discover how technology is reshaping driving sustainability solutions and transforming operations and delivery for the property industry.

Session 9 


Closing panel

Where to now with Building Technology…..

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