Building a vibrant future for Perth

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The Property Council has unveiled its election platform in the lead up to the City of Perth election. 

The platform includes 27 recommendations and focuses on six key themes.

  • Calling Perth home
  • A vision and plan for growth
  • Attracting investment
  • Promoting Perth
  • Encouraging vibrancy
  • Improving movement.

Since the reinstatement of the City of Perth Council, significant work has been done to boost the vitality of the CBD and its neighbourhoods. The Property Council’s election platform is focused on encouraging new and returning Councillors, along with the Lord Mayor, to continue the positive work being done and collaborate with the industry to implement ideas that unlock the City of Perth’s full potential.

The recommendations encourage an approach that will ensure a future characterised by robust economic activity, enhanced quality of life, and the creation of a vibrant and interconnected community.

Building a vibrant future for Perth