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Support across all stages of the project lifecycle

  • January 11, 2024
  • by Sponsored

Support across all stages of the project lifecycle

We are a unique, mid-tier consultancy that offers skills and support across all stages of the project lifecycle – from development management and project management through to superintendency and general consultancy. This gives us the ability to intelligently advise on the strategic, financial and operational implications of any project decision.

We know how to mobilise value

Our advanced planning, advisory and risk mitigation capabilities unlock latent value across all stages of the project lifecycle, optimising the result for your organisation, customers, occupants and the wider community.

Comprehensive perspective

Our team of Associate Directors, Project Directors and Project Managers offers a diversity of technical qualifications in addition to construction management. Previously attained skills in structural engineering, quantity surveying, civil engineering and architecture feature among the team, adding pragmatic depth to analysis and advice.

Superior risk mitigation

We offer a superior knowledge set in relation to risk mitigation. This is a result of our unique ability to work across the project lifecycle, a long track record in the property sector and a proactive attitude to relationship management. Problems will be encountered on all projects. We are expert at identifying those problems early and reducing their impact.

Safety is everything

We are committed to the safety of our people, your staff, project consultants and contractors. Our role in safety management starts early in the design phase for a project and continues throughout the construction works, especially in a live environment.

Financial navigation

The money must work for a project to work. We can assist with advice and support to achieve the optimum financial model for your project, including guidance in joint ventures, funding grants, debt facilities and risk sharing.

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