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Retirement Living National Planning Report Card survey

  • February 29, 2024
  • by Joe Schwab

The RLC has engaged national planning firm Urbis to produce the Retirement Living National Planning Report Card to provide a contemporary overview of local and state planning frameworks, identifying specific issues that can be addressed.

Next week a survey will be distributed to members seeking feedback on their experiences with their relevant planning systems and the difficulties or ease that developments or refurbishments are able to be approved.

The final document will seek to identify what policies and frameworks help and what hinders these approvals, ranking each state across four separate pillars. This will help with our ongoing advocacy to state governments, as well as providing some examples of where policy works well.

Operator feedback will be vital in ensuring we have enough data to paint an accurate picture of the planning systems in each jurisdiction, so the RLC will work with each state Retirement Living Committee to distribute the survey.