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50+ and seniors’ strength, balance and cardio equipment

  • January 30, 2024
  • by Sponsored

HUR is the world’s leading supplier of exercise equipment designed specifically for older adults and seniors. 

More than 10,000 installations across six continents testify to the transformative changes possible for both individuals and organisations alike.


The only equipment which is truly effective in attracting older adults into the gym environment and in making real differences to their quality of life.


Discover the true power of a well-used gym for attracting new residents to your village.

Beautiful exercise equipment

The only equipment that enhances the gym space to reflect the high standards expected by modern retirement village developers.


Neither you nor your residents need have any concerns with the safest gym equipment on the planet.

Cost effective

Complete automation means easy to use equipment and safe utilisation without supervision.

Over 30 years of development and continual collaboration with scientific institutions and exercise professionals has led to the most age-appropriate range of strength, functional, balance and cardio equipment available anywhere.

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