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Chief Executive | Thank you

  • December 20, 2023
  • by Mike Zorbas
2023 has been filled with many highlights honouring our members chief among them

Big year. Challenging year. Strong year.

Thank you.

2,400 organisations, 2,400 clever committee members championed by our Property Council teams across Australia.

Great events. Great education and research. Great thought leadership. Your leadership.

With your help we have advanced welcome policy reforms and, equally, defended our industry from a hail of dim ideas.

We’ve engaged with governments that are in long term structural deficit, whose key stakeholders push them toward over ripe policy mistakes – think VIC and NSW tax hikes, ACT and QLD developer licensing or the federal immigration tradie ban in capacity starved construction markets.

We have also had some of our best advocacy outcomes in recent memory.

Be it housing targets, investment settings, fending off rent freezes, planning reforms, fire services levies, decarbonisation or our important diversity and inclusion leadership, we have helped lead public debate and delivered outcomes across the board and around the country.

That success is down to you.

As I’ve visited each capital city and a few of the regions again and again through the year, I’ve seen the level of your support and engagement as our members.

Challenges? Plenty. The uncertain economic conditions, including stubbornly high inflation, downturns globally, construction company troubles and rising costs of living and doing business have reached into our industry and into our membership.

That makes your support all the more important.

So my thanks for your cleverness and passion for this great industry.

It has energised me in my first year as Chief Executive.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing you all again in 2024.

In the meantime, have the wonderful break you deserve,