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Property Council launches 2023 Election Platform – Homes, Jobs and a Sustainable Future

  • December 07, 2022
  • by Michelle Guido

The Property Council recently launched its 2023 NSW Election Platform, calling for a renewed focus on building homes, creating jobs and delivering a sustainable future.

This detailed plan which features five key priorities for the Illawarra Shoalhaven provides key recommendations to the incoming government to take the lead and be accountable for making NSW the place of choice and to secure the long-term future of the state.

We know that a plan is just a plan, unless it provides high-impact and positive interventions to solve some of the key issues facing our state, and this is exactly what this platform aims to do with a clear outline of solutions to be put into action.

The next NSW Government has a golden opportunity before it to step up and demonstrate leadership, deliver greater accountability, and confront the challenges which are holding our state, and our region back.

It is no doubt that the property sector is skilled at building vibrant communities and economic centres, but our industry’s ability to shape an even better future is being held back by heavy-handed regulation and a planning system that’s complex and works against those trying to deliver solutions.

We know that the housing supply crisis is the biggest challenge facing our state and no matter whether you live in the city or a region, with increasing interest rates and mortgage stress being felt, it needs to be front and centre of an incoming government’s agenda.

This is exactly why we are calling on the government to restore accountability to our planning system, support our local councils to gear up our planning capacity and deliver real housing choice within communities.

To confront this crisis, housing supply needs to be made a ‘Premier’s Priority’ and the Department of Premier and Cabinet needs to be tasked with whole-of-government coordination of the delivery of housing across government agencies.

What the Property Council has put forward in our Election Platform is not just an aspirational plan for the future, but a plan to deliver it.

We recently saw evidence of this with the NSW Opposition announcing at the Bradfield Oration this week that it will increase housing supply around key transport hubs and streamline planning approval processes if elected in March 2023.

It is great to see this announcement being made by the major parties as this has been a key recommendation of our Election Platform and we have called for housing targets to be set for precincts around transport hubs and land-owning government agencies in line with City Plans being developed by the Greater Cities Commission.

Though there is much to do in the housing space, the government must also do more to make NSW the place of choice for all, to grow our economy, create jobs and build community. Our regions are critical and should be harnessed to become globally significant centres to attract global capital and talent that will set us up for generations to come.

The Illawarra Shoalhaven is the third largest regional economy in NSW, it is the second major trade gateway for Greater Sydney and key to the future growth of the Six City Mega Region, and we would like to see a greater focus on our region from the incoming government.

In order to keep our regional economy strong, we need to take advantage of these economic drivers while still retaining our region’s distinctive character, and we have recommended five key election priorities in our Election Platform below that the NSW Government should deliver on to ensure our future growth and prosperity.

Five key state election recommendations for Illawarra Shoalhaven:

  1. Delivery of a transformative inter-regional City Partnership which enables growth for the Illawarra Shoalhaven economy as part of the six-city mega region
  2. Funding for a Business Case and Master Plan for the Illawarra Sports and Entertainment Precinct
  3. Delivery of long-term improvements and upgrades to Mount Ousley Interchange and Picton Road which provides a key freight and commuter link between the Port and Greater Sydney
  4. Delivery of a detailed network plan and business case for the South West Illawarra Rail Link (SWIRL) and a Fast Rail Strategy across the Greater Six Cities Region
  5. Targeted delivery of affordable and diverse housing close to economic centres, retail centres and transport nodes with a focus on key workers.