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Australia and New Zealand Banking Group ABN11005357522 was the first Australian bank to establish an integrated Health coverage model. ANZ’s foresight around the Health sector growth fundamentals coupled with a sustained commitment to a dedicated relationship model has led to a market leading position today.

As leading financier within the retirement and aged care sectors, we are proud of our proven track record in supporting the growth aspirations of our clients and are committed to building long-term relationships.

ANZ Health has the specialist capabilities needed to guide you through the ever-changing financial and regulatory landscape of retirement living and aged care. Together, we can help you build an environment where people and communities can thrive.

8 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Summit

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Lead Consultants

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Blueforce is a leading integrator of innovative security, life safety and connectivity solutions across Australia, including security systems, access control, CCTV, intercom, media integration, and medical alarms. Our products and services deliver to all markets, including retirement living, aged care, commercial, health and industrial. 

We make a difference for our customers by delivering solutions to substantially improve their security, productivity, and wellbeing. We make a difference for our team by investing heavily in skills development and a dynamic and rewarding workplace. We make a difference in our community by being actively involved in community development, sponsorship, and social initiatives. 

4 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Awards

Award Sponsor

Channel Marketing Group

Channel Marketing Group provides high-end marketing strategy services to property developers across residential, mixed use and seniors living masterplans. Through its two core service elements – project positioning, and project marketing management – they take the guesswork out of project design and feasibility while enabling execution of the marketing strategy at a project level.

Founded by Susan Duffy in 2015, Channel Marketing Group provides a suite of research-based, project positioning services under the REXI™ banner, that can be completed pre-launch or whenever a project requires a re-set. So far, over 70 REXI™ Positioning Reports – each including strategic recommendations – have been delivered across 29 regional and metro LGA’s across Australia.  

Headquartered on the Gold Coast, Channel Marketing Group is powered by a geographically diverse team of professionals with vast skills and experience across property marketing, research, site valuations, communications, business strategy, and more.

2 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Awards

Award Sponsor 

Health Metrics

Established in 2008, Health Metrics is a proudly Australian owned and operated software company.

We build and deliver software solutions that empower aged care and retirement living providers and help them operate efficient and profitable businesses whilst at the same time supporting them to deliver the highest quality care and resident experience.

Our eCase software platform provides a unified eco-system to meet operational, regulatory, compliance and quality of care standards across the entire resident journey.

Fully scalable, eCase is designed to grow with your business and easily adapt to changing models of care. We partner with 170+ smaller regional aged care and retirement living organisations through to large, multi-site organisations.

Our passionate team strives for excellence and continual innovation and we’re delighted to sponsor this Award, which reflects the innovative thinking and achievements of the future leaders of the retirement living sector.

4 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Awards

Awards Dinner Sponsor

Impact Group

Impact Group has been operating in the property sector for 25 years as a leading professional property consultancy offering Development Management and Project Management services. They cater to all sectors of the property industry and specialise in retirement living, aged care, health, education and the general residential market.

With decades of experience in solutions-based project management, they deliver expert advice and successful project outcomes for clients. They identify opportunities and manage the property development risks for their clients in the critical areas of time, cost and quality.

They offer a comprehensive suite of property consultancy services throughout the development process from the initial feasibility phase through to the completion of the project.

9 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Awards

Award Sponsor

One Fell Swoop

Senior living sector specialists, One Fell Swoop make life simpler for clients by combining research and advisory services, product design, marketing, sales and creative into one service offering; one touchpoint; one voice – One Fell Swoop.  Every service we offer is about maximising gross realisable value and sales rates, through professional, experience-based insights. Our diverse skill base, paired with our incomparable industry knowledge, has helped our clients achieve more than A$8 billion in development sales to date.

4 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Awards

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Lumin provides an easy way for every village resident to access communications, activities and services.

Catering for all residents, Lumin is available as a phone and tablet app or our unique large-screen device – specially designed for those with early stages of cognitive impairment, dexterity issues, poor vision, or those who are simply ‘tech-shy’. The Lumin screen also incorporates smart-home functionality and emergency duress features.

With information much more accessible to all residents, we offer unparalleled operational efficiencies and age-in-place options for your residents as their needs change over time, as well as the opportunity to provide residents with self-serve options for services to generate additional revenues.  Download a flyer or visit the Download a flyer to find out more.

3 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Awards

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Programmed Property Services has streamlining and simplifying maintenance since 1951. During this time, we have partnered closely with Retirement Living and Aged Care operators, owners and managers the benefit of having just one professionally resourced and experienced supplier for a range of related property and maintenance services, and safe outcomes. Tailored maintenance programmes and a variety of flexible payment options means you decide what, when and how work is done. This frees you to focus on core business goals.

Programmed’s services include: Maintenance; Building Projects; Grounds; Landscaping; Painting; Signage; Audio Visual; Electrical and Data Communications.

11 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Awards

Award Sponsor

RACV Solar

RACV Solar helps Australian organisations build towards a brighter, cleaner energy future through tailored clean energy solutions. We’re focused on your specific goals – from lower energy costs and greater energy independence to reducing emissions and preparing your business for the future.

We bring together the solutions, services and support you need all in one place – from high quality solar, battery and EV charging installation to smart energy planning and management solutions to ongoing monitoring and support.

We work closely with you to navigate the complex and ever-changing world of cleaner energy – giving you everything you need to make the right decisions, take back control over your energy costs and move your business forward. Our experts help you evaluate all the options, understand feasibility and implement projects over multiple phases.

First Year Supporting National Retirement Living Awards

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Switch Star

In 2004, John O’ Callaghan founded Acsess Health with a mission to revolutionise technology within healthcare industries, offering vital support and assistance to their personnel and customers. Drawing from two decades of experience in technology enhancement, John was compelled to act after receiving a plea from Tony Randello, CEO of AVEO, regarding a string of fires in Australia caused by lithium-ion battery overcharging. He swiftly devised a solution with input from Tony. 

Within weeks, they conceptualised and produced the Switch Star, a groundbreaking power outlet that automatically shuts off after 8 hours, eliminating the risk of overcharging. Unlike its counterparts, this innovation requires no programming, apps, or Wi-Fi connectivity – it is ready to use once installed by a certified electrician.

Acsess Health remains at the forefront of technological advancement in aged care and retirement sectors, particularly in telecommunications and personal alarm systems, and continues to pave the way for safety and efficiency for such critical situations that occur within our industries.

3 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Awards

Award Sponsor

Temple & Webster

Temple & Webster is Australia’s Number 1 online-only retailer of furniture and homewares. We believe everyone wants to live more beautifully, and our vision is to make the world more beautiful, one room at a time. 

Our Trade+Commercial program provides businesses with access to specialised products & services, including trade discounts, commercial products, interior design services and delivery & install solutions.

First Year Supporting National Retirement Living Awards

Associate Sponsor

Russell Kennedy Lawyers

Russell Kennedy is a leading law firm with offices in Melbourne and Sydney and has proudly been in operation for more than 120 years. The firm presently have approximately 300 Principals and staff across its offices. Russell Kennedy has more than 35 years of experience supporting retirement living and aged care developers and operators, and home care operators and boasts one of the largest senior living legal teams in Australia.  

Their lawyers have advised retirement living and aged care and home care owners, developers and operators on the acquisition, development, construction, financing, operation, management, compliance and disposal of their facilities. 

9 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Summit

Associate Sponsor

Active Utilities 

Active is one of Australia’s leading innovators and providers of utilities. In Sep 2023, Australian Superfund Prime Super acquired the business – their investment is managed by PATRIZIA.
We are fully integrated; supplying multi-tenant homes and businesses with energy, heating/cooling, water and sustainability solutions; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We are a leader in Local Utility Networks (or embedded networks) for multilevel developments, commercial and retail complexes, residential estates and greenfield estates. Our success is our commitment to you. Whether you’re a large-scale developer, a small business or moving home, we provide comprehensive services that scale to match your budget and priorities.
One partner, one solution, one bill, one focus – we develop long term reliable solutions, real savings, and ongoing technical support.

6 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Summit

Associate Sponsor


Urbis has one simple goal – to shape cities and communities for a better future. It’s something they achieve by drawing together a network of the brightest minds.
Urbis is a creative community of practice experts, working to deliver fresh thinking and independent advice and guidance – all backed up by real, evidence-based solutions. Whether you engage Urbis in the areas of planning, design, heritage, policy, valuations, transactions, economics or research, you know you’re dealing with the experts who will connect you to a better outcome, every time.
At Urbis, and through their international business Cistri, they seek to collaborate and partner with clients who are making the places we live and reshaping the way we live there. Urbis works hard to understand what clients want to achieve and help them see what’s possible.

First Year Supporting National Retirement Living Summit

Supporting Sponsor

Ansell Strategic

4 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Summit

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Lockton is the world’s largest privately-owned insurance broker and a specialty-led business. We are the only insurance broker in Australia who has a dedicated retirement living practice – our national team of specialists advise retirement villages and senior living community owners and operators. As the preferred insurance industry partner of the Retirement Living Council (RLC), Lockton is working to find new risk transfer strategies and insurance solutions for the industry.

3 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Summit

Supporting Sponsor


Opticomm is one Australia’s largest wholesale broadband providers, that builds Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) networks.
With local support, innovative solutions, and an industry-leading team, Opticomm designs, supplies, installs and maintains access networks that connects homes, communities, and buildings nationally.
We deliver turnkey solutions to connect your residents and facilities, which creates intelligent, efficient and sustainable communities. Our point of difference as a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) provider is that we can integrate internet, energy delivery and connected facility management into one fibre cable.

3 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Summit

Supporting Sponsor

Pluss Communities

Pluss Communities builds customisable community management and communication apps for retirement living, land lease and residential aged care organisations. 

Our intuitive platform is designed for instant, seamless communication between staff, residents and their families. 

Pluss provides a fully branded, personalised solution that allows you to manage communications, events, facility bookings and maintenance requests within your communities. This will enable significant operational efficiencies as well as creating monetisation opportunities through events and services. 


Our comprehensive analytics suite will give your insight into the engagement of your staff and residents with the platform, enabling you to understand the many leavers for ROI that Pluss provides. 

Pluss Communities is trusted by some of the innovators in the retirement industry such as Montfiore, Reside and Sencia.  

2 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Summit

Education Parter

Property Council Academy

With the most comprehensive range of career development options in the industry, our Academy courses are developed by property leaders, for property professionals.
Our courses are delivered online and face to face and vary from workshops to Industry Diplomas, covering specialist topics designed to fill strategic gaps, and leadership development courses.

Academy courses can also be customised to best suit your organisation or team, and delivered in-house as powerful bespoke development experiences where content is tailored for your group.

Whether you want to hone a specific technical skill or grow industry knowledge around specific areas like village management, improve your public speaking, undertake media training or develop your leadership skills, the Property Council Academy is the place to start.

7 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Summit

Publishing Partner

Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guidebook

The Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide is a Social Enterprise dedicated to improving the wellbeing of retirees and seniors. We campaign to shift mindsets by promoting an enthusiastic view of our later years. Our print and digital resources empower readers with knowledge on health and well-being, finances, technology and living options to enjoy and celebrate life fully.

5 Years Supporting National Retirement Living Summit

Destination Partner

Destination Gold Coast

Staging Partner

Tree & Tribe

For over 15 years, Tree & Tribe have been the trusted name in styling properties for sale and display in the Retirement Living Industry across South Australia and Victoria.

Our dedicated team views each property through the eyes of residents, crafting an experience that embodies warmth, care, and excitement. We style with the vision of an attainable and desirable lifestyle – not just a place to live but a new place to call home.

At Tree & Tribe, we tailor our services to meet each village’s unique demographic needs and offer versatile furniture options, including rental and purchase options. We ensure that every property we style leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers.

First Year Supporting National Retirement Living Summit

Media Partner

Hello Leaders

For managers and leaders in the aged care and retirement industry, gaining knowledge and finding resources that guide and inform business decisions can be a challenge.

The day to day demands of delivering service to consumers can be at the expense of time spent building strategic plans and implementing innovation and progress within your organisation.

Hello Leaders bridges the gap between business aspiration and meaningful change, and serves as an unparalleled resource for business advice and best practice across the areas of:

• Education & Training
• Technology
• Marketing
• HR
• Leadership
• Health
• Products & Equipment
• Young Leaders
• Women In Business

Find resources or keep up to date with the latest insights across the areas most relevant to your organisation.

Brought to you by the team behind AgedCareGuide.com.au, DisabilitySupportGuide.com.au and HelloCare.com.au, Hello Leaders is at the forefront of innovation and best practice within the aged care and retirement industry, so you can be assured that the information we publish is relevant and reliable.

Empower your team and transform your organisation with the knowledge, experience and expertise that only Hello Leaders offers.

First Year Supporting National Retirement Living Summit