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Rhonda Andrews 

Managing Director
Barrington Centre

Rhonda Andrews serves as the Founder, Principal Senior Psychologist, and Managing Director of Barrington Centre, the National Psychological and Consultancy Company. With over three decades of expertise in Crisis Management, Mediation, Leadership, Team Building, Workplace Engagement, and Consequence Management, Rhonda is a highly sought-after speaker, facilitator and corporate trainer.

Her dedication to supporting businesses and Employers is evident in her comprehensive approach to improving workplace culture and dynamics. Drawing from her extensive background, Rhonda offers invaluable guidance to navigate the complexities of various Industries, particularly the Retirement Living & Aged Care sectors. By merging her profound understanding of human behaviour with evidence-based strategies, Rhonda empowers leaders and staff to address challenges proactively.

Through enhancing the skills of staff to boost productivity and engagement, Rhonda combines her business acumen, team knowledge and individual behaviour with practical steps to improve how people work. Her focus lies in empowering Executive Leaders and Staff in the Retirement Living & Aged Care sectors to handle diverse workplace obstacles effectively. This includes ways to manage increased demands from Residents and Customers, to reduce reputational risks, to address psychological safety concerns among Staff, and enhance Staff engagement to reduce turnover rates and absenteeism.

Renowned for her captivating, direct, and inspiring presentation style, Rhonda possesses a unique talent for exploring contemporary issues and providing solution-driven presentations anchored in research and learned insights. By offering proactive psychology-based support and training, Rhonda equips Managers, decision-makers, and team members to collaboratively address and overcome challenges. This proactive strategy builds essential capabilities and strategies for sustainable growth in highly regulated work environments – Aged Care and Retirement Living.