Industry welcomes move to pave the way for more homes in more places

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Tuesday 28 November 2023


Industry welcomes move to pave the way for more homes in more places

The Property Council of Australia has today backed the NSW Government’s move to facilitate more dual occupancies, terraces, townhouses and mid-rise apartments near stations and town centres through the creation of a new State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP).

The Property Council’s NSW Executive Director Katie Stevenson said the announcement was a sensible change to deliver a broader mix of well-located homes.

“There is huge untapped potential for density done well in areas already zoned for low and medium density right across Sydney and our regions,” Ms Stevenson said.

“This policy has the potential to deliver around 30 per cent of the much-needed homes required to meet the state’s National Housing Accord targets,” she said.

Ms Stevenson said while many councils supported ‘missing middle’ housing in their neighbourhoods, there are many areas across the state where it is simply banned.

“This is the type of housing that people want to live in, especially when it’s close to public transport and town centres,” Ms Stevenson said.

“This change will bring much needed consistency across council boundaries and ensure housing for young families doesn’t become a political football in the upcoming local government elections.

“Communities can’t stand still in time forever – they must evolve and grow.

“Local councils must move away from the outdated mindset of only considering the needs of existing residents and the vocal minority and start thinking about how best to support young families in their communities looking to rent or buy a home.

“We can create more vibrant communities that protect local character while adding to the diversity of our neighbourhoods at the same time,” she said.

The Property Council is encouraged by the Minns Government’s bold housing announcements to date and looks forward to working with the NSW Government to refine the detail of the new policy.


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