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Wednesday 12 June 2024


Industry welcomes government steps to coordinate across Aerotropolis agencies

The Property Council of Australia has welcomed the NSW Government’s appointment of Infrastructure NSW as the infrastructure coordination authority for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

In its advocacy on the need for enabling infrastructure in the Aerotropolis, the Property Council described the current situation as a “shemozzle”.

Property Council of Australia’s Western Sydney Regional Director Ross Grove said multiple government agencies were working to their own timeline with minimal concern for the impacts of their agenda on industry and private sector investment.

“The biggest challenge in the Aerotropolis is coordinating infrastructure, and with more than a dozen agencies with their finger in the pie, these moves are welcome,” Mr Grove said.

“The lack of coordination and governance to date has been a shemozzle. The new direction responds well to the Property Council’s recommendations given that the reallocation of coordination responsibilities can occur with minimal legislation and reduces the conflicting roles of the state as both a landowner and coordinator,” Mr Grove said.

Mr Grove also welcomed the appointment of Mr Ken Morrison to lead the newly created Bradfield Delivery Authority.

“Mr Morrison has a strong understanding of the needs of our industry and the role it will have in making Bradfield a success.

“We look forward to working with Infrastructure NSW and the coming Bradfield Delivery Authority following today’s announcement. With more than $2 billion in road funding now committed by state and federal governments for the delivery of roads in the Aerotropolis, now is the time to remove agency bottlenecks unlock the potential of this part of Western Sydney,” Mr Grove.

The Property Council will be presenting at the Legislative Assembly’s Inquiry into Critical transport infrastructure supporting the Western Sydney International Airport and Western Sydney Aerotropolis tomorrow (13 June). The submission identifies steps Government can take to further unlock Aerotropolis infrastructure and improve governance and coordination across the precinct.

A link to the Property Council’s submission can be found on the NSW Parliament’s website here.


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