256k reasons to make ageing a Greater Adelaide Regional Plan priority

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Wednesday 8 November 2023 


256k reasons to make Ageing a Greater Adelaide Regional Plan priority

The Retirement Living Council is urging South Australia’s Planning Commission to prioritise the state’s ageing population when crafting its new Greater Adelaide Regional Plan (GARP).

In its submission to the State Planning Commission (SPC), the RLC has emphasised the need for adequate and diverse housing solutions for South Australians at all phases of their lives.

RLC Executive Director Daniel Gannon said South Australia is currently experiencing a demographic shift, propelled by an ageing population.

“These changes will have implications for the state’s socio-economic outlook, including increased demand for healthcare, social services and aged care services,” Mr Gannon said.

“At the same time, the pressure on our housing markets continues to grow, as does the need for age-friendly infrastructure, appropriate housing options for this ageing cohort, and a strategic focus from government to prepare for these changes.

“This brings risks and opportunities for industry, consumers and governments, in particular around affordability, supply, care and fiscal relief – and planning systems need to be ready,” he said.

The RLC’s submission to the SPC’s GARP review outlines the need for the following:

  • The reinstatement of 2017 references to ‘downsizing’ or ‘rightsizing’ into future decision-making around accommodation for older South Australians.
  • Establishing minimum land allocations for retirement communities in new greenfield developments.
  • Including retirement facilities under the Housing Australia Future Fund as a key delivery component of achieving South Australia’s supply target.
  • The reintroduction of action 27 of the 30-year plan, which required the development of a “policy framework to support projects that provide for aged care and retirement accommodation to meet growing demand”.

“Given the number of South Australians aged over 75 is set to increase from 166,000 to 256,000 by 2040, we need to ensure that ageing remains a strategic priority for the State Government,” Mr Gannon said.

“Retirement communities offer a unique housing option that enhances wellbeing and lifespan for older Australians. Those who choose to live in these communities reap the benefits, but so does the broader community.

“This is because living independently in a retirement community delays entry into taxpayer funded aged care, freeing up space in the system and delivering economic savings to government budgets.

“At the same time, governments play a key role in this ecosystem – but they’ve got to be prepared for these changes,” he said.

View the full submission here.


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