Property Asset Management Industry Diploma

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Step one: Property Asset Management Core

Do you need to develop the knowledge required to manage property assets at a more strategic level?

This one-day course will help you:

  • Examine the key tools to manage assets more effectively
  • Learn how leasing priorities enhance value
  • Understand the core market needs and drivers of the commercial, retail and industrial property industry
  • Become familiar with the basic principles of property management
  • Learn strategies to enhance the performance of an asset.

Step two: Property Asset Management Advanced

This three-day course focuses on three ways to add value to an asset: positioning an asset; redeveloping or undertaking a new development; or considering if sale is an option.

During the three days you will:

  • Learn how to contribute effectively to decisions regarding strategic asset management
  • Examine the current issues facing asset manager
  • Learn three key ways of enhancing asset value
  • Develop your modelling and valuation analysis skills
  • Examine the implications of repositioning an asset through refurbishment or redevelopment
  • Explore the timing of asset sales
  • Prepare and deliver your recommendations for the chosen case study asset in groups to a ‘board’.

Step three: Property Asset Management Expert

This course will help you understand how to maximise the value of your portfolio.

Over three days, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the implications of managing a portfolio of assets from a fund, investment and ownership perspective
  • Examine the investment criteria of the asset classes
  • Assess the intention of the owner or investor
  • Determine the value adding strategies of redevelopment
  • Explore the legal framework required for your process
  • Develop your modelling and valuation analysis skills.

Step four: Assessment

To obtain the Property Asset Management Industry Diploma you are required to write a 1000 – 1500 word report based on your experience and applying knowledge learnt in the course. You will be required to consider how you would have changed or contributed to a more successful outcome on an issue that you have dealt with in the past, what could have been done differently to produce a better outcome. You have 6 weeks to complete this assessment.

How long does it take to complete the Industry Diploma?

To complete your Property Asset Management Industry Diploma, you will need to undertake each of the courses listed above, which are one day for the essential and three days each for the advanced and industry diploma course.  

What will I learn in the Property Asset Management Diploma?

The industry diploma will progress you through all areas of property asset management from essentials to industry diploma through to management of an asset portfolio.  Learn how to manage assets more effectively and demonstrate how leasing and property management strategies can enhance value. Understand capital flows and strategies and explore legal issues, due diligence and financing the purchase.

The property asset management diploma allows you to explore in greater depth your areas of further interest such as acquisition and divestment, structures for holding property and strategic planning for a fund. The diploma course examines how to maximise the value of your portfolio.

Can I use any of my existing industry experience to gain credits for modules?

Yes. If you have relevant industry experience you may receive credits towards some areas of your Property Asset Management Industry Diploma.

How can the Diploma course help progress my career?

Attaining the Property Development Industry Diploma will provide an in-depth understanding of property asset management across a broad spectrum of areas which allows you to take on a variety of roles within property asset management including project manager, asset manager and leasing manager.

Did you know that your industry diploma can earn credit towards a Masters degree at Western Sydney University?

The Property Council Academy has partnered with Western Sydney University to offer participants in the Property Asset Management (PAM) and Retail Property (RP) Industry Diplomas a pathway of articulation via postgraduate programs into a unique degree – Master of Commerce (Property Investment & Development) from Western Sydney University

Applicants admitted to the Master of Commerce (Property Investment & Development) degree would be eligible for a credit for one elective after successfully completing the industry diploma in Property Asset Management or Retail Property.