Examining the Territory’s economic outlook

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The Property Council of Australia’s NT Division hosted a significant event attended by a full house of industry leaders and professionals.

It was an opportunity to hear from Lia Finocchiaro MLA, Leader of the Opposition, about the CLP’s strategies for economic stability and crime reduction in the Territory. With the 2024 election approaching, understanding the economic and political landscape is key to navigating future challenges and opportunities. The event highlighted the importance of direct engagement with political figures to grasp their vision and policies, impacting the Territory’s economic future.

The subsequent Economic Outlook panel, led by Nadia D’Souza and featuring Derek Campbell and Joel Wecker, provided a deeper dive into our current economic climate. Despite the challenges, they discussed upcoming projects poised to relieve some economic pressures.

Beyond insights, the event was a chance for networking, and contributing to a stronger business community. The audience’s active participation and the panel’s approachability made the event not just informative but also engaging.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Events like these are essential for keeping our business community well-informed and ahead of the curve. Let’s continue to engage actively as we head towards an eventful 2024.