Diversity Events

The Property Council runs a series of Women and Diversity networking events throughout the country, developed by the Women and Diversity committees in each location. These events provide opportunities for our members to build their professional networks and industry knowledge as well as increase their profile by being keynote speakers or participating on panels.

In 2017 the Property Council has conducted 31 Women and Diversity events in 8 states and territories, attended by 4145 people. The gender split at these events were: 76% women, 24%men.

Upcoming Diversity Events


Recent Diversity Events


Bob Johnston, CEO, GPT and Carol Schwartz AM,               Convenor of the Property Male Champions of Change
VIC - Business Lunch            
Kylie Rampa, Managing Director, Investment Management Australia, Lendlease
VIC - Business Lunch



Ken Morrison, Chief Executive, Property Council and Daniel Grollo, Executive Chairman of Grocon
VIC - Business Lunch

VIC - Business Lunch



Amy Mullins, Executive Director of the Women's Leadership Institute of Australia
VIC - Business Lunch    

Doug Bain, Managing Partner, Real Estate, Construction, Leisure and Hospitality, EY
VIC - Business Lunch



Anna Skarbek, CEO, ClimateWorks Australia  
National - Green Cities 2015,
Women's Leadership Breakfast 
Renaye Peters, Director, Conrad Gargett; Selina Short, Business Development Leader, Real Estate & Construction, EY; Stephen Conry, CEO, JLL; Steve Leigh, Managing Director - Global Real Estate, QIC
QLD - Leading Women in Property 


Ming Long, Group Executive, IOF Fund Manager, Investa Office
QLD - Regimental Change for Women