100 Women in Property
Participant Biographies 

Samantha Ace, Development Professional - Stockland

SPONSOR: Georgia Willis, Development Manager -Pace Development Group

Samantha Ace

Samantha began her career in the property industry as an Assistant Valuer, whilst undertaking a double degree in Property & Real Estate/Commerce at Deakin University. This experience has been invaluable in her current role as Assistant Development Manager (Acquisitions) at Caydon Property Group, where she has spent the past year assisting the development team with the identification, analysis and acquisition of suitable development sites, as well as pre-development activities for current projects. Samantha’s balance between meticulous attention to detail and strong emotional intelligence lends itself perfectly to the pre-development phase, enabling her to successfully facilitate town planning requirements and manage various stakeholders. Samantha has a keen interest in affordable housing, particularly the way in which the private sector can partner with the public sector to deliver this essential product to the market.