What is 100 Women in Property ? 
The 100 Women in Property is an initiative of the Property Council’s Diversity Committees throughout Australia.

It involves a personal commitment from Property Council members to champion women in their organisation or business sphere who they believe would benefit from further networking, profiling and professional development opportunities.

The Property Council launched the 100 Women in Property program in April 2016 initially targeting 100 women and 100 sponsors. The exceptional demand for a sponsorship program in the property industry resulted in a first year intake of 260 participants and 260 sponsors.

The program was exceptionally well received in 2016 with 99% of participants saying they would recommend the program to a colleague. In 2017 the program will run from March through December. Property Council has created a program that includes exclusive 100 Women in Property networking events, the opportunity to observe a Property Council committee meeting and sponsor hosting at a number of events during the year. Further profiling opportunities are encouraged as determined by each sponsor and their participant(s).   

Sponsor V. Mentor
The 100 Women in Property is a sponsorship program. Mentors and sponsors serve different purposes, but their end goal is the same; to support you in achieving your goals. Sponsors are people who will advocate for you in the workplace, champion your skills and success and help to build your network and profile. Playing a slightly different role, a mentor is a source of guidance and advice. Both are important in maximising career growth, but sponsors act where mentors usually advise. The program should ideally be led by sponsors selecting participants. 

Why 100 Women in Property?
100 Women in Property is an initiative that harnesses the personal commitment of people across our industry to increase diversity and focuses on growing our talent pipeline  of women.

We know diversity delivers better thinking, richer discussions and stronger outcomes. The business case is compelling and the issue is bigger than any one organisation. It requires our collective commitment and action. 

What is involved in the 100 Women in Property program? 
The 100 Women in Property program seeks a commitment from sponsors to host their participant(s) at a Property Council event on at least two occasions during the program. This enables increased experience in networking and industry knowledge. Participants work with their sponsors to identify which events would be of most interest/relevance early in the program. 

Furthermore the Property Council organises bespoke networking events for 100 Women in Property participants in their respective states to provide additional opportunities. 

A launch networking event will take place in March, incorporating a briefing and Q&A session to sponsors and participants. It’s important that you can attend this first event. 

Participants will also have the opportunity to attend one Committee meeting in their state with preferences to be identified in the nomination form. 

Sponsors and their participants are encouraged to arrange two meetings (minimum) during the program to discuss career aspirations and goals, professional development planning and potentially agree on other bespoke opportunities that can be developed between each sponsor/participant pair.

What is the profile of a Sponsor?

Sponsors in the 100 Women in Property program can be male or female.

A sponsor can also champion more than one participant if they wish. Sponsors are traditionally more experienced in their careers and able to shape and influence discussions, hence the value of their experience in pairing with a high potential, future leader in their organisation or business sphere.

How much does it cost to participate in the 100 Women in Property in 2017? 
The program is for the benefit of Property Council members and is free to participate thanks to the generous support of national sponsor The GPT Group and the Property Council of Australia. 

Please check that your company is a financial member before nominating for the program. Check your membership status here.

When can I apply?
Nominations open on Monday 13th February 2017 for a three week period. The nomination form can be accessed via an online form here. Nominations close on Friday 3rd March at 5.00pm and no nominations will be accepted after this time. Please ensure you have all information including a 150 word biography, professional colour head shot image and the name and title of your sponsor before commencing your online nomination.

When will I know if my nomination is successful?
Participants and sponsors will be communicated with by mid-March 2017 and the program will commence immediately thereafter with launch events scheduled in all locations from 15th March.

Which states are participating in the 100 Women in Property program?
The program is a national one and supported by our six Diversity committees located in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA and ACT. 

How long does the Program run?  
The program will commence in March 2017 and run through till December 2017. There will be 2-3 dedicated 100 Women in Property networking events held in NSW, VIC, QLD SA, WA and ACT for participants and sponsors at no cost to attendees. If you are a 100 Women in Property participant or sponsor from the NT or Tasmania, you are welcome to attend the events hosted in WA and VIC respectively.

Where can I learn more about Property Council ?
The Property Council champions the interests of more than 2,300 member companies that represent the full spectrum of the industry, including those who invest, own, manage and develop in all sectors of property, creating landmark projects and environments where people live, work, rest, shop and play. Find out more at www.propertycouncil.com.au

What if I have further questions? 

Contact the Property Council staff member in your state:

NSW – Madelaine Cook

VIC – Allyse Wafer

QLD – Jen Williams

WA – Graham Richards

SA – Torie Brown

ACT – Patrick Morgan