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My Idea of a Modern-Day Woman


This week it was “Equal Pay Day” and there was quite a bit in the media around the gender pay gap and the latest figures relative to this. We are seeing a lot more women coming through our industry which is great, and I actually find it salaries are very well balanced across the white-collar space in our state. I do think it ultimately comes down to society today and how the modern-day woman can be defined.

Delegation, organisation, resilience, fulfilment, and a mindset that “you can do it all” – my idea of a modern-day woman. A woman who is not defined by anything other than how she shows up every day, how she empowers herself and others to live a life with value and purpose. I run a female-led business in a male dominated industry, and whilst social norms about women’s and men’s roles are shifting, the truth is, there will inevitably be sacrifices, compromises and trade-offs no matter what.

Being a good mum, a good wife, a good business owner / boss, a good friend, a good daughter, and everything in between is not easy by any means, but I wouldn’t have my life any other way. I have always believed that strength and resilience are essential for living a fulfilled life, particularly as women, and that has only amplified since my diagnosis.

What my journey has taught me, is the importance of finding my happy. As much as I do work 50+ hour weeks, it is not done without sacrifices. I wake up at 5am for a reason (and I am OK with it because I love my job!) – so I can be there for my kids. If you can find that balance of what you need in life to ensure you are happy and fulfilled, THAT is the key trait of a successful modern-day woman. Not getting hung up on stereotypes, the idea of buying into doing what people think you should be doing and not being afraid of failing (it’s actually a great thing!). You absolutely can be a successful modern-day woman, but know that it doesn’t come without sacrifices, and you just have to own it!