Bikelinc to reunite cyclists with stolen bikes

Property Council WA staff recently met with WA Police who have developed an innovative online platform to combat bike theft, in partnership with Crimestoppers, P&N Bank, Westcycle, as well as the State and Federal Governments.

To crack down on the over 9,000 bikes stolen in WA each year, WA Police sought to find a way that could allow for better tracking of bike ownership that can prevent theft and give bike owners confidence that their bikes can be located in the event they go missing.

Owned by Crimestoppers, Bikelinc is a digital tool that allows bike owners to register their bikes in a secure way that can help WA Police reunite cyclists with their missing bikes. It allows cyclists to check whether the bikes they are buying are stolen with the added bonus of joining a community of like-minded cyclists. It also allows cyclists to register their bikes so that they can be traced post-purchase.

Since its launch in December 2019, Bikelinc has managed to register over 16,000 on its system, with the total value of bikes registered sitting at over $25 million. Early success stories have seen around 30 bikes worth between $50,000 - $100,000 have been returned to their owners without the need for investigation or further police involvement.

With end of trip facilities a key location for cyclists, WA Police are seeking the support of property owners and managers to publicise the platform and provide renewed confidence to cyclists that their bike can remain safely in their hands.

To find out more about Bikelinc, how you can use it and support it in your own buildings, visit the Bikelinc website.