It Takes A Village: density, diversity and the new Australian dream

The Property Council WA has commissioned a report on the D-word DENSITY in an effort to understand why  it’s causing so much angst, particularly in Perth.

The report, It Takes a Village:  Density, diversity and the new Australian dream, was launched today at a breakfast event on 21 June 2019 at the Hyatt Hotel.

The key findings:

  • When we asked Perth residents what they wanted from their communities/suburbs they said: they wanted to feel safe, be able to get around easily (via public transport or on foot), be close to work, beaches and cafes and cultural pursuits, have a sense of community and for their housing to be affordable;
  • Each of these desired aspects of life in Perth suburbs are spinoffs of urban density;
  • Given the benefits of density we need to find out what’s behind the concern and Property Council, industry and governments at local and state level need to work together to reassure the community that urban density can bring the community together for good.
To download the report please click on the link below.