Homeless hub and Common Ground shelters underpin homeless strategy

City of Perth and the State Government have unveiled significant plans to address homelessness and anti-social behaviour in the centre of Perth.

Our members this year campaigned for a co-ordinated State Government and City of Perth response to a surge in homelessness in the CBD and we’re excited to see the City of Perth and the State Government taking concrete action.

The upshot of the Homeless Sector Review, led by City of Perth deputy chair Commissioner Gaye McMath with Member for Perth John Carey MLA, is a 12-month trial of a homeless hub, with accredited services, including medical and health, for the homeless operating from a site on the corner of Moore Street West and the Fremantle train line. The trail starts next month and is designed to co-ordinate services, reduce duplication, identify gaps and harness community goodwill to effectively support people experiencing homelessness.

The State Government has also released its 10-year All Paths Lead to Home Strategy, including a $72 million investment in homelessness and creation of consolidated housing and support services through two Common Ground facilities, including one to be built in the CBD,  to house  and support rough sleepers and those experiencing chronic homelessness. Other measures include $34.5 million for a Housing First Homeless Initiative, championed also by Property Council WA Executive Director Sandra Brewer during Homelessness Week.

Property Council WA made homelessness an advocacy priority this year, opening a dialogue with ShelterWA, City of Perth and the WA Alliance to End Homelessness and our members and also engaging with government agencies and the community sector to support a co-ordinated, effective, long-term approach to addressing this complex issue. We have opened a dialogue between building owners concerned about an increase in anti-social behaviour and not-for-profit groups to improve communication about the most effective ways of supporting vulnerable people in the CBD as well as creating an environment in which everyone in the CBD community feels safe.

As well Property Council WA members collectively raised more than $18,000 for Mission Australia’s Christmas Lunch in the Park, which is expected to cater for more than 1400 on Christmas day.